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The Storyline Project (Working Title)

When neuroscientist Dr. Gregg found out he had stage four cancer that had gone undetected for years, the news was devastating. Simple human error meant that he was unlikely to see his kids grow up. Fighting through the heartache, Gregg forgos traditional treatment and focuses on building AI to analyze patient behavior and detect cancer early.

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  • Current technology presents significant limitations in disease diagnoses and treatments with a major impact on women and minorities.

  • Medical misdiagnoses are an emotional and economical burden across multiple levels in our society.

  • Precision medicine hit a dead-end 10 years ago because there is no effective, trusted way to find and develop new drugs and better treatments. Manual healthcare is ineffective, expensive and inaccessible to most people. It will never be able to meet humanity’s needs.

  • Deploying Artificial Intelligence based technology in Precision Behavioral Fingerprint Matching -  A unique algorithm matching patients to treatments based on behavioral fingerprints

  • Electronic Health Records: who owns the data?

Topic Summary

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Social Impact

Healthcare is a human right. Sadly, the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities are often neglected when it comes to healthcare. It is deeply important to us that the film reaches communities of those who may experience racial/gender/economical disparity when access to healthcare. The urgency of deploying Artificial Intelligence medical applications as a potential solution to ending global Health Inequalities has been brought to the forefront during the coronavirus pandemic.

Meet The Team

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