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Fear City: New York VS The Mafia      Second Camera                          Netflix

Celebration Nation             Field Director/Director of Photography    National Geographic

The Bridge                           Director of Photography                             Discovery Channel

Game Vision                         Director of Photography                             Discovery Channel

No Man Left Behind            Camera Operator                                        National Geographic

World heaviest man             Director of Photography                             TLC

The Listening post               Director of Photography                              Al Jazeera English

Autopsy: The last hour of     Series Cinematographer                             Reel 4

Chineseness                          Camera Operator/Segment producer       Discovery Channel


Breaking Magic (S.2)             Camera Operator                                        Discovery Channel

The Storyline Project              Director/Producer                                 Mad Hatter Media

Longer Than Longshot           Director/Producer                                 Mad Hatter Media

Late Life                                   Director of Photography/Producer      Activator/WYCMotions


Three Identical Strangers       Camera Operator                                  CNN Films


Hanna (short)                           Director/Cinematographer                   Mad Hatter Media 


The Letter (short)                     Director of Photography                       Salazar Brothers


Fencing for the edge              Director of Photography                       Mad Hatter Media 


The knight of the slaves          Director of Photography                      Adam Carr


Mother of the Week                Director of Photography                      Gramercy Empire Prod

Vogue CFDA                            Director of Photography                      Vogue


Heartland                                  Director/Cinematographer                 Mad Hatter Media 


What will I do about it             Director/Cinematographer                 Teach for America

Commercial /

Branded Content

Snap / Scary Mommy / Various Broadway shows / Vogue / Mattel Toys / Oroton / Fisher Price / At Large/ Web MD/ Everyday Health

Turnaround Arts NYC / Oxford University Press

Digital Content NewFronts / Citizen Schools

St. Luke Foundation

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